Marilyn Palefsky: The List Goes On and On

When Marilyn Palefsky was asked to reflect on how to describe St. Philip’s Choir and what it meant to be a Choir member, she came up with a list of thoughts to share:

- music feeds my soul, and music about God adds another dimension.

- the choir is a family with Woody as the cheerleader. 

- our whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.

- built some amazing friendships.

- a common goal - to bring our music into the hearts of the congregation and lift their spirits.

- Woody's talent and vision has challenged me to levels that I could only imagine.

- Woody, through positive leadership, believes in my capabilities.

- I continually improve.

- the music I sing brings me peace, beyond all understanding.

- the songs linger in my mind for days and weeks, often lulling me to sleep.

- in my salad days, musical instruments eased my journey on the road to becoming...

- and my final dessert will be a concert of my favorite pieces from Faure to Lauridsen.