Creating the Future Together

In 2016, the St. Philip’s Vestry created a team of parishioners to plan for and undertake a comprehensive initiative to make possible three important parish goals: first, strengthen our music program through the purchase of a new organ; second, restore, repair, and enhance our historic church building while adding accessibility, climate control, and plumbing; and third, meet the needs of our wider community through the construction of a columbarium and memorial garden. We adopted the name of the Future Initiative Team, with the watchword of “Creating the Future Together.” We set our financial milestone to seek gift commitments of $1.8 million by 2018.

All initiatives start with the Church family and we have received tremendous support from our team members, Vestry, and Parish. Supporters both within and without St. Philip’s have responded with leadership pledges, and we are honored to announce that we have raised in excess of $1 million as of October 1. Thank you!

As the custodians of the vital historic resource that is St. Philip’s, we must continuously do what is needed to preserve and enhance our facilities. For nearly 250 years, St. Philip’s has been building lasting relationships with families and individuals in our community. We must ensure that it is here for future generations, serving Hudson Valley families of the future as they worship, celebrate, share, help, heal and teach during life’s transformational moments; doing our best to improve the lives of others.

The impact of St. Philip’s on all who use it is immense and lifelong. St. Philip’s is a source of support, personal solace, religious celebration, and beauty. Your support of our plans will help keep St. Philip’s available and accessible to all. In our St. Philip’s family, every gift is needed and valued. Your gift will make it possible for St. Philip’s to serve us all for many decades to come.

A team member will be in touch to discuss your participation in completing the Future Initiative. “Creating the Future” brochures and Gift Commitment Forms are available in the Parish Office or may be downloaded (see links below).

The Future Initiative Team is: Fred and Anne Osborn and Nat and Anita Prentice, co-chairs; Terri Akbas, Jan Anderson, Gil Burke and Sarah Bayne, Charlie Dupree, Phoebe Geer, Tom Hayden, Hilary Hayes, Marit Kulleseid, Dan McEvoy, Michael McKee, Blake Newton, Suzanne Pearse, Joe Plummer, Amy Roth, and Laura Wilson.

Together, we will create a wonderful future for St. Philip’s Church.