In-Church Insights

Personal reflections during church from those who join us on Sunday mornings.

"This is the most loving church-of-anything-goes, so bring your anything."

"St. Philip's has defined community for me."
(St. Philip's gives) "the gift of connection to each other, the sacred space keeps us from feeling alone."
* * *

"Frank's positive outlook on Christianity & living it."

"Frank has made religion a welcoming experience."

"Frank's sense of humor - laughing in church is good for me."

"A place of comfort during difficult times in our lives."

"The ability to listen each week to Frank and Woody's interpretation of the lessons."

* * *

 Don Nice sketches St. Philip's Church Choir during Christmas Concert (2015)
"A community of love, making music to bring us all into the spirit."
"In these noisy discordant times thanks for the harmony of the music, the beauty of our voices singing together."
"The way that the choir voices speak to my heart.""
How endlessly inspiring was Woody's playing the sonata this morning."
"Amy's dedication to the jr. choir and its obvious love of singing for her and us."

* * *

"So much love in church today as families could not refrain from loving on their pets! Happy dogs and humans everywhere!"
 Blessing of the Animals Day, Oct. 9, 2016

Blessing of the Animals Day, Oct. 9, 2016