Fr. Steve Holton has been a priest for 29 years, and married to his wife Charlotte for just a month less. He has two adult sons, David and Ben. He knows St. Philip's and Frank, because for 18 years he was Rector of St. Paul's on-the-hill in Ossining, just down the river. So he knows small churches in small towns outside of New York - and loves them! He comes to St. Philip's from an Interim position at St. James, North Salem; due east of St. Philip's, in NE Westchester.

His recent advanced degree thesis at General Seminary was entitled "Neighborhood Embrace." It explores how Episcopal Churches are, from our roots, churches for the whole village, gathering people together in love for each other, with strong roots in our tradition, and care for our whole community. Prayer, preaching, and pastoral care are at the heart of his ministry. He loves Bible Study because it empowers everyone in living the life of a Christian in the world today. He is active in the issues that face us - through diocesan and ecumenical groups. He also has years of interfaith experience. This is probably because his father was a US Diplomat. He loves canoeing (not enough lately, but Constitution Marsh ...)

Fr. Steve, or Steve, or Fr. Holton - whatever you choose to call him - is looking forward to accompanying the people of St. Philip's on this stage of your journey. You will continue to be the people of God in this place, as once shepherded by Frank. You will discover your deeper roots in Christ and in each other. You will continue to serve Christ in the community. You will discern the gifts that God has given you or find new ones. You will call a new Rector for the next phase of your journey. In the mean time, we will have a whole lot of fun on this phase of the journey - loving and serving the Lord.