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Here you will find updates from the Search Committee regarding their process and progress.

Parish Survey

Below is a link to the parish survey, followed by an explanation from the Search Committee. Please note that the survey will take approximately 30 minutes of your time, you do not need to answer any question that you prefer not to answer, and you may close the survey and use the link below to come back and pick-up where you left off. Your anonymous answers will be used to compile our parish profile, which will be posted on this site along and will be available in paper form at the church. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful and caring participation.

Link to the survey

Search Committee

Blake Newton (chair)

Terri Akbas

Robin Shelby Arditi

Sarah Bayne

James Cornwell

Will Felder

Peg Moran

Gabe Salas

Chris Sandlund

Letter Explaining the Parish Survey

October17, 2018

Dear Friends,

The first step in our process to search for a new rector is, as we said in our last message to you, to begin the process of parish introspection known as “self study”. To get the ball rolling, we have prepared a form of survey which is being sent today to all parishioners and friends of St. Philip’s. You may either take the survey electronically in your internet browser or you may pick up a paper copy from either the vestibule table in the church or the office in the parish house and use an old fashioned pencil or other inscribing tool of your choice.

However you receive the form, we urge you to review it carefully before you start to compile your answers to the questions. The form is divided into two sections: the first seeks ordinary descriptive information about you and your family that will enable us to piece together a profile of our congregation; the second is designed to give each of us a chance to describe how we interact in, and participate with, the St. Philip’s community, how we got here in the first place and why we stayed. The second section is also designed to get you thinking about (and communicating) your sense of the strengths and weaknesses of the parish and the characteristics you hope our new rector will (or will not) have.

In your first pass through the form, it may help for you to start making notes about how you may want to respond. Then, review your notes before you flesh out your answers. We know that we will not have a 100% response to all questions; many were included to elicit very subjective opinions that some may be hesitant to put into words. However, unless we get complete answers from everyone, the picture that the survey creates will be flawed and unrepresentative. Please do your best to give frank and complete answers.

We have tried to include enough room for you to get all your thoughts out and onto the form but we don’t want to limit your input. So feel free to add extra sheets to give us a full picture of you, your family and your hopes for our parish. Try to resist the impulse to reply too immediately. That often leads to forgetting information that is important to or about you and it will not be easy to provide a way for you to file an amended form in view of the fact that the forms are anonymous.

The survey should be filled out independently by each of the adults in your household who participates in the life and worship of St. Philip’s. We are working on additional forms for our adolescent members as well as for our elementary school population.

Either complete the form on line or complete a paper copy and return it in person or by mail. If you choose the electronic route, simply progress through the survey until you reach the page with text confirming that your responses have been submitted and the prayer for the rector search; if you are a paper person, there will be boxes in the church vestibule and in the parish house office - each clearly marked “St Philip’s Rector Search” where you can deposit your completed form at any time. You can also simply mail your form to the committee in an envelope that will be available at each location in which the paper form is found.

There are two rules of the road which we ask you to honor in this process: one, that each adult shall fill out and return only one copy of the survey form (either electronic or paper but not both); and two, that you maintain the confidentiality of the information you (and anyone else in your household) furnishes with his/her form.

You will note that this is an anonymous survey and, as we have told you, the Committee is committed to the confidentiality of all the material we receive.

If you want to communicate directly to the Committee to express your concerns or opinions with respect to any aspect of the search process, please feel free to telephone or email any of us (or all of us simultaneously at the email address set forth below). Those communications will also be kept in the strictest confidence.

We have set a deadline of November 19, 2018, by which to receive completed survey forms. We believe this will allow us enough time to meet with as many members as possible in workshops or small groups to enhance your thought processes and still synthesize the material to prepare a parish profile that can be distributed before Christmas.

We look forward to working with you on this important step in the life of our parish and are excited to find out how you will respond.

Click Here to Start the Parish Survey

Thank you in advance for the time and effort you will put in on this.