A Note from Our Senior Warden


For anyone who has yet to read the Parish Profile produced by the St. Philip’s Search Committee, I encourage you to access the report on the St. Philip’s website or pick up a copy at the church office.  This is a wonderful document that has instilled in me, even more pride in our parish.  I’m confident you will feel equally inspired when you read the document.

Importantly, I want to thank the efforts of Blake Newton as Chair as well as the entire committee.  This document is the result of many meetings over the course of 8 months and more calls and emails among the members than they can probably recall.  There were countless hours of discussion, deep thought and revisions that went into the final version, one that reflects a synthesis of input from all of our  members. The Parish Profile is a cornerstone in the search process facilitated by the Diocese of New York.  It  leads our efforts to attract qualified candidates to be considered as our next rector.  This is a very important moment in the future growth of St. Philip’s and their considerable efforts will no doubt highlight us as a very desirable church for a prospective rector.

It’s clear to me when you read this that this committee has captured what St. Philip’s is and certainly equally as important, what we aspire to be.  The dedication of our fellow members and their passion in creating this document is obvious when you read it.  While this marks an important milestone in our search for a new rector, there is still much work to be done.  I am deeply grateful to the commitment of time and energy the committee has shown and know they will continue to lead us through this detailed but thoughtful process.

I would like to personally thank all of the members on behalf of all of us at St. Philip’s: Blake, Terri, Peg, Sarah, Gabe, Chris, James, Robin and Will.

- Dan McEvoy