Results of the March 3rd Vestry Election

The Nominating Committee put forward the following persons for election to parish offices. The election was held on Sunday, March 3rd at the Annual Meeting and all nominees were elected or re-elected.

Sarah Bayne for a first two year term as warden. Sarah is eligible to serve until 2025.

 Paul Kantor for a first three year term on the vestry. Paul is eligible to serve until 2025.

 Laura Wilson to complete two years of an unexpired term on the vestry. Laura is eligible to serve until 2027.

 Dan Potts to complete one year of an unexpired term on the vestry. Dan is eligible to serve until 2028.

 Joe Plummer and Jane Thornquist were re-elected to serve their second three-year terms on the vestry.

Read more about our current Vestry members here.

Dan McEvoy has completed his third two-year term as warden. Terry Platz has completed a three year term and will not be running for reelection as she has relocated to Colorado. Evan Hudson has completed two years of his second three-year term and is stepping down from the Vestry due to family and work commitments.

We want to thank Dan, Terry, and Evan for their hard work during their time on the vestry.

The present roster of parish officers is as follows:

Terri Akbas, warden (eligibility ends in 2022)

Sarah Bayne, junior warden (eligibility ends 2025)

Paul Kantor, treasurer (2025)

Sarah Cornwell, vestry member (2025)

Peg Moran, vestry member (2020)

Preston Pittman, clerk of the vestry (2020)

Joe Plummer, vestry member (2022)

Dan Potts, vestry member (2028)

Jennifer Sandlund, vestry member (2025)

Jane Thornquist, vestry member (2022)

 Laura Wilson, vestry member (2027)