Volunteers Needed!

Our Congregation is taking advantage of the vacant Rectory to accomplish an overdue renovation of the kitchen, some structural improvements, and a general sprucing up.

Volunteers are needed to assist in five tasks: 1.) washing windows; 2.) painting closets; 3.) removing wall paper from playroom; 4.) cleaning walls and floors; and 5.) inspecting all screens on 41 windows to determine which screens need replacement.

We offer four possible days to volunteer:  Wednesday May 8, Saturday May 11, Saturday May 18, and Wednesday May 22.  Time of work on all four days: 9 am to Noon.

We need to know who is coming each day; we will have appropriate supplies and supervision so your valuable time is well spent.

To sign up, either use the two sign-up sheets in the Church entrance, or email your date to Jim Bopp (jhbopp@gmail.com).  If you have any special skills at wall paper removal or painting, let us know.