June 5, 2019

Dear Friends,

As I reported in church on Sunday May 26th, if all of the eight finalist candidates for rector were as good the first two we interviewed, we would have an embarrassment of riches.  As it turned out, they were.  We count ourselves extremely fortunate to have attracted such a high quality of rector candidates.  

The committee conducted Skype interviews with all eight candidates, and we were left with the difficult task of paring the group down further, from eight to four, which we have accomplished, though not easily!  The next step is to make in-person visits to each of their current parishes. We are currently scheduling groups of search committee members who will go to meet each of these four over the next two or three weeks.  

After these visits and checking references, we will be ready to make our presentation of two or three finalists to the vestry. It will then be up to the vestry to make a single selection and issue a call.  We continue to ask for all of your prayers as we move through these final phases of our journey.

- Blake Newton