Altar Guild

Members of the congregation prepare the altar and arrange flowers each Saturday. The guild also decorates the church for special celebrations during the church year. Contact: Rhonda Donohue at 845.489.6386 /

Lay Readers

Members of the congregation participate in the service each Sunday by reading lessons, psalms, and prayers. Contact: Blake Newton, 845.737.0759 / 


These are volunteers who greet newcomers to St. Philip's, hand out programs before the 10:30am services, and gather the collection. Contact: David Gordon, 845.424.3369 /; or Cary Danford, 646.919.5638 /

Vestry Committees

St. Philip's is governed by its Vestry, a "board" of committed parishioners who have served as active church supporters for some time; all Vestry members are elected by the congregation. Contact: Sr. Warden Dan McEvoy, 845.661.8937 /

Read about our current Vestry members.

Coffee Hour

Every Sunday, Fellowship Coffee Hour is held after the service in the Parish House. The church provides coffee and volunteers provide a light selection of food. Contact: Jackie Grant /

Friends Of St. Philip's

The Friends organize the annual Harvest Festival each November and raise funds to support St. Philip’s ministry and outreach. Contact: Judy Hayes, 845.526.3659 /

Good Books & The Good Book

We have had ongoing book discussion groups as well as informal Bible studies at various times throughout the year. Meetings are often held from 12pm-1pm on Sunday, following the service. Please see our calendar to view any upcoming gatherings.

Books read are chosen by group consensus and have ranged from award-winning non-fiction to poetry to works by Shakespeare and Mark Twain.

Contact: Blake Newton, 845-737-0759/